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Peter Jackson


Portfolio: Communications Diploma subjects 

The following is a selection of screenshots from subjects I developed, designed, built and delivered on the Diploma of Communications at UTS:College. The subjects were delivered on a Canvas LMS and incorporated video, readings and discussions as well as activities using H5P, Mentimeter and Padlet. Owing to the proprietary nature of the course materials, only screenshots can be provided

Celebrity Politics

A basic page in the Citizenship & Communication subject, introducing students to a required reading for the subject. Students download a copy of the reading, and use a H5P activity to take notes using a critical reading template. Students then discuss specific questions about the reading

Social Media & Citizenship

Another page from the Citizenship & Communication subject, designed to engage the students in thinking about their own social media use in connection with politicians, influencers, and other civic activities

Communicating Ideology

Another page from the Citizenship & Communication subject,  where students engage with several videos and an H5P summary activity, to prepare for class discussion, about the complex idea of communicating ideology   

Portfolio: Articulate/Storyline 360 activities

PR process interaction

A simple interaction for students to take notes about the PR Campaign process, for further discussion in class



A short video lecture about the issues surrounding the use of persuasion in public communication


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